She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never ever let you forget you’re a man.

What is a “Moderate Feminist? Well that’s a very good question, and also a very complicated one. One, that I will be trying to answer and define with this page and eventually a blog (read website off of facebook). I’m sure that plenty of people who will eventually find their way here will tell me that I am wrong about my definition, and that’s fine. I’m not one who says my opinions are the only opinions. So let’s have a conversation about it.

I’ve been reading “Freedom Feminism: Its Surprising History and Why it Matters Today” by Christina Hoff Sommers. That should tell you a lot right there, if you know anything about Christina Hoff Sommers. In the book she talks about the fore mothers of Feminism, both the Radical leftists and the moderate conservatives. The moderates, of course, were far more attractive to me and my beliefs and values. Basically, from my¬†understanding, and really I am just beginning to understand all of this, the “Moderate Feminist” is one who values traditional feminine values of women. The nurturer, the care taker, the mother and wife, the homemaker and the cook. She takes care of her family, the education of her children and also the values and education of the community at large.

She doesn’t just see her family as the circle under her wings, but her community and her nation as that which she must nurture and take care of. She is extremely patriotic and values herself within the nation as an equal, yet different role as a part of the nation. No less strong or valuable as the men in our nation. It is that last part that our radical leftist sisters have a problem with the moderates.

Where we want to cherish our traditional roles and encourage them, our sisters on the left see them as weaknesses and want to forsake them. They want to be more like men and take on the roles of men. I don’t want to be a man, don’t want his job, and certainly don’t want to replace him with anything else. YUCK! LOL Anyway, that is what I have as a definition of a Moderate Feminist, at least for now. What do you think? Do I have it right? What is your take on being a moderate feminist?