Wonder Woman VS Captain Marvel

Why I Liked Wonder Woman Better than Captain Marvel.

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Wonder Woman VS Captain Marvel

I tried, very hard, to watch both movies without a preconceived idea of how and what these movies were going to be like. However, that was not really very easy for me as I have always loved Wonder Woman and I never knew anything about Captain Marvel. So going into this comparison, I already had some preconceived ideas. Then along with that, I had seen many reviews talking about Captain Marvel as being a bad movie and Wonder Woman being a good movie. This is my foundation for my opinion of the two movies.

Let’s go over Wonder Woman first and why I really loved this movie. First I had low expectations for this movie as I didn’t like any of the DC movies that came before this one, including the one with Gal Gadot as WW in it. They really didn’t show much of the character in the film, so there wasn’t much to base an opinion on it from there. I could NOT stand Ben Affleck as Batman, so that left a sour taste in my mouth. Having low expectations for the movie really gave it no where to go but up. And up it went!

I have always loved Wonder Woman from a kid on up. She was a personal hero and Lynda Carter played her perfectly in the original series. She’s a strong independent intelligent woman that has plenty of femininity without giving up her strength. That has always been what I thought of as true Feminism, strength with femininity. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman brings this character the exact same qualities only updated for this decade.

Along with the great acting and character of Wonder Woman being kept the way I remembered her, they added a great storyline and action sequences. Despite what some people claim, I was never told as a child in the 70’s or 80’s that I couldn’t or shouldn’t LOVE action movies! That was literally my favorite genre of TV and Movies. Still is. I especially love super heroes! WW gave me everything that I would have wanted from a Wonder Woman movie. Action, story, femininity, strength, courage, justice, love interest….. it’s all there! Which, of course, is why men also love this movie. My husband and I both decide to watch it ever so often, just like we do Deadpool.

Now let’s talk about Captain Marvel. While this movie had some poor reviews, it also received a boost from being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which for me, was really the main, if not only, reason why I wanted to see Captain Marvel. I am unfamiliar with the characterto begin with, but I didn’t want to miss out on any part of the over all storyline that has been weaved through the 100 or so movies in the MCU. FOMO is real, y’all!

One of the biggest turn offs for me about this movie was the actress herself. Brie Larson is such an over the top, brainwashed SJW that it’s almost impossible for me to see the movie for it’s merits itself because HER personality overshadows the character of the movie. Even if she didn’t intend to put a certain lean on any of her dialogue or reactions, they were there BECAUSE of her statements outside of the movie.

a side note: Why do they have to ruin everything??? Serious question? I believe they do this in a self sabotaging way to make sure they have a “reason” why they fail, even before they know they will. It’s frustrating as a strong woman myself, because they claim victimhood before anything happens! Then when nothing happens or the opposite does, they still claim victimhood!

Aside from the outside influences on the movie, there are still plenty of reasons to dislike it. Brie Larson is an emotionless robot in the movie. I’m not sure if she meant to play it that way or not. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched another movie of hers, so I can’t say if it’s her acting or not. In Captain Marvel it kept me from being able to relate to her character at all. Women are emotional creatures. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Putting up a female character without emotions is off putting for both men and women. We cannot relate to her at all.

The action sequences are also mostly a bust. There are some in the movie, but compared to the beautifully shot sequences in Wonder Woman, the ones in CM are like the old low rent TV shows. Nothing to really write home about now.

The storyline was also extremely hard to follow. I never really understood what had happened to her in the past and how she got where she was to begin with. Nothing made sense. It was like they had created all these different scenes and then jammed them all together without really fitting them into place properly. I know they cut out several scenes, as they usually do with movies, I doubt those scenes would have pulled this movie together.

If you look at the “Global” box office results of the two movies, Captain Marvel is the clear winner by over 200 million dollars. I can see why CM would be more globally acceptable, especially in places such as China! If you look at the “Domestic” box office results, the two movies are nearly tied. Wonder Woman grossed over 412 million dollars and Captain Marvel grossed over 426 million dollars. That’s not much of a lead. I would attribute that lead to CM being a part of a much large and better overall cinematic universe than WW is apart of. Although that may change, as the DC universe is becoming more interesting with Aquaman and the up coming second Justice League. DC has never been a better universe though, so who knows.

As far as critics and audience rankings go, Wonder Woman is the clear and undeniable winner. On Rotten Tomatoes WW scored a near even Critic Score of 93% vs Audience Score of 84%. Whereas Captain Marvel’s scores are dismal in comparison. Rotten Tomatoes shows a Critic Score of 78% vs an Audience score of 46%. Not the worst imbalance I’ve seen, but certainly not good.

I think the reason that the audiences didn’t like Captain Marvel are really the same reasons I didn’t. She was cold, unrelatable, and the storyline was weak. Plus the actresses actions outside of the movie overshadowed the movie with a bad taste. Whereas Wonder Woman was everything that a strong female lead character should be as well as a superhero movie!

So what do you think? Which movie was your favorite and why? Let’s talk about it in the comments below! Do you think I’m way off base or right on targe?

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