Third Wave Feminists Get What They Want – Men Getting Raises

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YEA! Wait, What??

In a stunning to anyone who wasn’t paying attention analysis, Google found out that it is part of the “Gender Pay Gap” problem. Not in the way that Feminists would have you believe though. Instead of women getting paid LESS than men at Google. Men are getting paid LESS than Women, for doing the exact same job.

That’s right! Google set out to make sure that social justice was being done and found that they aren’t paying men enough money. So they had to give all the men raises. HA! Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil, sometimes it shows that all the other wheels are who needs the oil!

So what should third wave feminists take from this? Well, if they are honest, they’d take away the idea that women ARE being treated equally! That the “Gender Pay Gap” is nothing more than a fable, enlisted to make women feel like victims and there by being easier to control. But I highly doubt that Third Wave Feminists are self aware enough to understand that this is what is happening.

No in fact I’m pretty sure they will point to the men getting raises and say that is proof that men are more privileged than women. *smh* Because see, they are getting raises and not women. Never mind that women were already being paid more than men. Women not only should be paid more than men, they should be paid triple what men are paid and have to do half as much work! Dammit, why do women even have to work to be paid?? LOL

This got me to wondering if there were other places or industries that paid women more than men. If Google is doing it, there must be other places as well! So a quick “DuckDuckGo”┬ásearch found an older, but still relevant article about the labor statistics from 2009 which should that there were quite a lot of female dominated industries.

Women in construction laborers, construction supervisors, maintenance painters and aircraft mechanics earned more than male counter parts, even though they were only 3% of the labor force in those sectors. I’m guessing because these areas needed to fill some quotas and the only way to get women to do these jobs were to offer them quite a lot more money.

Women also make more money in education and healthcare jobs. Female bartenders and waitstaff earn a lot more than men do. Actually women in the food industry in general earn more than men do. Men may, as a whole, earn more money than women as a whole, but that doesn’t mean that men are being paid better for the same jobs.

What it means is that men typically CHOOSE to go into fields that pay better, work longer hours, and are generally more dangerous than the jobs that women choose to go into. Yes, there are more male CEOs in companies than women. But is that because women are not choosing those positions? If that’s the case, which it does seem to be the most likely cause, then does it matter that there aren’t more women in CEO positions?

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