Third Wave Feminism Gets What it Wants – Men Dominating in Women’s Sports

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Yea!  Wait, what?!

So many things have happened lately within the feminist community.  So many ironic, hysterical and frustrating things.  I’m not going to delve too deep into each topic, just hit on a few of the top things that made me laugh and cry a little.

Let’s start with the “Duh!” and frustrating part of the list first.  Transgender teens and adults are being allowed to enter into sports competitions and of course this is causing issues for everyone. It’s almost like people who take hormones to enhance their bodies are somehow at an advantage against those who don’t.  Hmmmm… weird, right?

In one instance a young girl, who has started taking male hormones and is transitioning into a boy was “forced” to stay in the female wrestling league and to everyone’s shock and amazement, crushed all the other girls in the competition.  I know, I know.  Who would have thought that a girl TAKING STEROIDS would be able to beat other girls who have not.

In another instance a male transitioning into a female was allowed to enter into track and field competitions as, you guessed it, female.  Surprisingly enough to NO ONE, this young man… I mean girl, crushed all of her competition as well.

Is this really surprising to anyone?  Anyone?!  Whether a person is taking hormones to make themselves into a boy, or taking hormones to increase their physical abilities, it’s cheating!  The boys who are joining the girls teams are also cheating because their natural abilities and physical structure put them at an advantage.  It’s basic biology and physics people?!  How can this possibly be shocking to anyone?  And how can the sports organizations allow this to continue?

I realize that the Olympics have already said they were not going to allow transgendered people to compete.  I agree with that decision.  Just like they don’t allow athletes to take steroids or human growth hormones to enhance their physical abilities, they shouldn’t allow transgendered people to compete as well.  Whether you like it or not, it is the exact same thing.  It should be as simple as that, if you’re taking hormones of any kind, for any reason, you cannot compete with those who are not.  Period.  End of story!

Ok, so I had way too much to say on this one topic!  LOL!  I’ll continue with some of the other topics in another post or 12.

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