Is Men’s Health a Feminist Issue?

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I was watching Sargon of Akkad the other day.  It was an older video of his.  We’ve only been watching him and some other youtubers in the last 6 or so months.  I like watching Sargon because he’s pretty level headed and likes liberty and freedom and doesn’t take crap from people.  The video we were watching was about him asking on Twitter if Prostate cancer was a feminist issue.  You can see the video here.

The video is actually labeled “Why do people hate feminism #10”.  Watch the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  He keeps asking feminists if prostate cancer is a feminist issue because pretty much everything in the world is a feminist issue according to many journalists and activists.  From Climate Change to recycling, it’s all a feminist issue.  So why isn’t prostate cancer?  Of course he gets a bunch of crap answers, mostly deflections.  But it got me to wondering about all the health awareness months, weeks and days.

How many health awareness causes are there for women vs ones for men.  Well I went to two separate websites that had pretty large lists of the various months, weeks, and days that are specifically set aside for the various health issues.  I was quite astonished to find that there are 19 that are specifically for women, and a mere 5 for men.  That seems like a huge disparity to me.  Especially when you consider there are about 50 or 60 special awareness times set aside for other things that affect both men and women.

So what are some of the women’s health issues?  Of course there’s things like cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer.  The first two make sense because they really do only affect women.  But then you see Women’s heart health day, and Women’s health and fitness day, and women’s EYE health and safety day!  That’s when I said, “WTF?!?”  For men, it’s a Men’s health month and week, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and Gay men’s aids/hiv awareness month.  That’s it! 

My question is, why is there a women’s eye health and safety day and not a men’s?  Do women have different eyes than men?  Are women prone to having more accidents with their eyes than men?  I would highly doubt that because men are generally working in industries that are much more dangerous physically and their eyes are actually put into a position where they could be harmed much more often.  So why are women’s eyes health and safety more important than men’s???

I know what most feminists will say!  “It’s because EVERY DAY is men’s health day!  It’s always for MEN automatically!”  Male privilege of course is the excuse, but who’s actually getting the privilege here?  There isn’t a Eye health and safety day, it’s just a WOMEN’s eye health and safety day.  Privilege is when you get special treatment, benefits, rights that others do not get.  So what exactly are men getting that women are not?

If feminism was truly about equality, like so many feminists say it is, then they would be appalled at the lack of health awareness initiatives for men! It matters that our men are being ignored and put on the back burner for ridiculous initiatives like the Women’s eye health and safety day.  There are things that need to be talked about specifically for women.  There are also many things that need to be talked about specifically for men as well!  Things like prostate cancer awareness!  Prostate cancer gets HALF the funding that breast cancer does and yet it is the leading cancer to kill men! 

What we need to do is stop pretending that women’s health is being ignored and realize that men’s health is actually being ignored.  I have men in my life that I want to continue to spend my life with.  Ignoring their health issues and pretending that they have this invisible privilege somewhere that women don’t have only puts them in danger.  A truly egalitarian society would see that we need the same amount of initiatives for men as women!


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