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Et tu Pixar? It shouldn’t surprise me that Pixar has joined the ranks of celebrity crapagandists! But it makes me sad none the less when a production company takes part in the insanity of ridiculous feminist narratives.

It really shouldn’t surprise me though. Disney has ruined the Star Wars franchise with their feminists agenda, why wouldn’t they ruin an entire production company!?

Purl is a Pixar short that literally had to show a big business office from the 1960s to tell their story of how bad men are in business and how hard it is for women. Seriously! Who lives in this world besides the nutters who can’t think for themselves!

So Purl is a ball of yarn. And she gets a job at a big corporation with human men! Why is she a ball of yarn working with men? Because showing a woman would just not be sensible enough? Or maybe having the males as “balls” would be too grown up for Pixar? Maybe that would make too much sense! But really I can set aside my credulity on the idea yarn can talk and walk if they are in a world where balls of yarn aren’t working with human males as if that were supposed to be perfectly normal!

So the story shows the stupid yarn not fitting into her new job. You know, like most normal humans, it takes time to find your place in a new environment. But no this is all because men ONLY like to talk about sports, cars, and winning! Women… err yarn only like talking about knitting, apparently.

Purl decides to try to fit in by changing her appearance to being a knitted Gumby version of herself or maybe it’s spongebob. But she knitted herself into a rectangle and in drab colors because again men only dress in black and grey.

Then as she’s about to be accepted as “one of the guys”, a new ball of yarn starts working there and seeing this sad face from being left out makes Purl realize that she should be herself again! Then at the end of the story they show balls of yarn and human men getting along like natural…… I don’t know how to end that sentence. There’s nothing natural about it.

This is such a bunch of horseshit propaganda indoctrination piece pretending to be a feel good story dealing with “difficult issues”! Maybe in 1965 or even 1978! But seriously after the 80s no one, NO ONE was still having trouble in the office with men and women not being able to work together. Maybe in pockets of industries like, crane operators, construction workers or dock workers. Sure, men look at women in those industries as a problem. Not because their sexist but because the women trying to do those jobs aren’t physically qualified!!!! The women in those jobs cause the men to work twice as hard!! But in offices!?! No!

But once again feminists ruin everything! They ruined Star Wars and I’ll never forgive them for that! They’re trying to ruin Marvel Comics! And now Pixar is being added into the ridiculous propaganda and indoctrination of our society! I’m so sad about this! Not surprised but sad!

Serisouly, why? Where exactly do women have these issues? Why aren’t they doing something about those individual offices instead of whining about it in a cartoon?

I mean from the story itself it sounds more like this young woman is an introvert and extremely socially awkward and that is more likely the cause of her problems at work rather than it being a gender thing! I can relate to that. I’m socially awkward and shy and it takes a while for me to warm up to people. But I don’t blame men for that! I don’t blame anyone for that! It’s just a challenge I face is any social situation!

What young people need is to see how socially awkward people can get passed their awkwardness or deal with it in a healthy manner. Not try to tell the world they have to change to make an individual feel better but that individual can grow and adapt to the world at large. Which in turn will make them stronger and happier people. Watching shows like this make me feel so sorry for people like this who think everyone else is bad because of their gender. That person is way more prejudiced against men than men are against women!

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