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Not really me but a good (ok not so accurate) representation of myself at the moment

I started this blog because there is so much to say about feminism.  1. I can’t stand it for what it is now or a lot of what it did before my generation came along.  2. The destruction of our country, our society and our men can be directly linked to a lot of the Marxist/Socialist lies and agenda that the Feminists have forced upon us all.  3. it’s up to women like me, and I assume you, dear reader, to fight against the Feminists that we have today to keep our great country and society from failing.

Trying to come up with a poignant first blog has not been easy.  With all that has been going on in the world, WHERE DO I START??  I have a Facebook page that I started for this blog before and I have a few posts on there that have to do with Kavanagh and the Covington High-school kids.  So I didn’t want to rehash them here, though there are a LOT Of things I could continue to write about them.

So I sit here thinking of all the crazy things that have been going on and how I, as a moderate feminist (read sane), might write about them through my eyes.  Where do I start?  Should I start with the absolutely INSANE idea of the “Green New Deal”?  Even the Democrats hate that thing!  I could write a book on AOC (no, I won’t write her name on this blog! She doesn’t need yet ANOTHER site talking about her), and how incredibly dumb she is and the latest gaffe she’s uttered.  No, too easy!

No, instead my first post is going to be complaining about how I can’t figure out where to start complaining about feminists!  That’s an awesome idea!  Nothing more feminist than complaining, amirite?

OK, so seriously, here’s the things that I’ll be writing about semi regularly.  Book reviews, mostly books that are good to read if you’re not an insane Marxist feminist, but sometimes I’ll review some of the books that cause insanity as well.  Movie reviews, when I see a movie that really shows strong female role models or the ones that show ridiculous examples of stupidity (boy there will be a lot of posts on that just from the Disney movies lately), you’ll find those here.  I’ll write about current events and how they affect women and men.  I’ll write about Men’s rights, because what the third wave feminists are doing is trying to relegate our men to the back of the bus, and I will not have it!

There’s a lot more out there to write about for Southern Moderate Feminists (Freedom Feminists), like guns and self protection and how gun control laws are actually harmful to women!  Or how we should all be looking at the border crisis and figuring out how to keep women and children from being raped and trafficked across the border daily!  Ugh!

Can you tell my hackles are up now?  There are so many things to write about, I’m sure I’ll never run out of craziness.  If there’s something you’d like to see me write about and don’t see here, please leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll gladly take a look at it.  Until then, tell me what you think of this crazy world we’ve gotten ourselves into?

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